Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Best Chest Workout :

Best Chest Workout
Best Chest Workout :

The best chest workouts begin with first understanding the function of the chest muscles in general. I find with clients that the "mind-body connection" is crucial to successful training of any muscle group! For men a well developed chest represents virility, power and strength. Women shouldn't over look training the chest either. For them training the chest can assure a solid an "perky" appearance.

Chest Anatomy

The pecs refer to the pectoralis major, petoralis minor, and humerus muscles. The pec muscles run like a fan across the chest. Imagine you're holding a stack of popsicle sticks between your fingers. The "shoulder" would be where you're pinching that stack together and if you fan them out, that would represent the structure of the chest muscles as they run from the humerus at the shoulder to the breastbone in the center of your chest.

The chest is engaged in most "pushing" exercises and also helps to move the shoulder muscles as well.

👉 Top 5 Best Chest Exercises

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