Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Key to Getting Huge Biceps :

Women and men alike admire big biceps. It is deemed to be one of the most attractive muscles on our body followed by abdominals and pectorals. We push ourselves hard in the gym, but sometimes we lack the knowledge to target a particular muscle group such as the bicep. It doesn't have to be that hard! We will discuss what exercises you want to incorporate into your workouts to maximize bicep growth, which adjacent muscle groups should be trained and how you should supplement your workouts while training the biceps.

The first step to training your biceps is understanding its structure. The bicep is composed of two smaller muscles: the brachii and the brachialis. If you are aiming at getting stronger and leaner you want to train the brachii, but make no mistake as to gain that bulky look requires you to train the brachialis muscle. It is in fact the muscle group which will give you that form and definition. Another thing to remember is that your arm and your biceps look much bigger when the triceps are also engaged. That is however another and we won't focus on the triceps here; it is simply important to keep it in mind during your workouts.

To train your biceps you want to do several sets of curls, but not just the plain old dumbbell curls you are used to seeing at the gym. You want to incorporate both dumbbells and barbell exercises into your bicep workout, and in multiple variations. A general workout after stretching will start with the dumbbell hammer curls where each barbell is lifted slowly until it almost touches the shoulder and is brought back down. During this motion the wrist remains in the same position. This is followed by pinwheel dumbbell curls which are done by a pendulum motion of bringing the dumbbells close to your chin. The third exercise will be reverse barbell curls which will not only exercise your biceps, but will put a strain on your forearms as well. What you want to do is to grab a barbell with your fingers over the bar; this is called an overhand grip. You then simply raise the bar slowly for the full range of motion. You want to keep your arms at about shoulder width for this exercise. The last exercise to hit the biceps will be the preacher curls. For this exercise you need a stand you can usually find at the gym or you can do them over a chair if you are working out at home. You raise the barbell from its resting position until you almost hit your forehead and bring it back down. You are done!

Make sure to watch videos on how to do these exercises as they will be much more clear than anyone explaining these to you. Lastly, drink your protein or make sure you consume enough protein during the day as your biceps will require a lot to rebuild.

The Key to Getting Huge Biceps The Key to Getting Huge Biceps The Key to Getting Huge Biceps The Key to Getting Huge Biceps The Key to Getting Huge Biceps The Key to Getting Huge Biceps

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