Saturday, October 29, 2022

Many would like to know how I eat :

Many would like to know how I eat
There is no one plan that works for everyone.
Not everyone can tolerate the calories I eat every day. Years passed before I found this need.
We have conditioned my body there with targeted diets and a moderate build-up.
First of all, my coach hired me back then.
What was clear: I had to eat more to get closer to my idea of ​​a well-trained body. At 1700 calories a day, I haven't given my body a chance to grow.
Today I'm at 3700 calories a day. 😉
There is a rule of thumb to make progress in terms of sport and health with an adequate macro distribution:
Approx. 2g protein per kg
Approx. 1g fat per kg
The rest is filled with carbs.

Of course you have to differentiate depending on the type of nutrition, e.g. ketogenic, and adjust the macros accordingly.
My food choices are no secret.
The typical things like cottage cheese, meat and oatmeal are part of my diet.
I often eat the same thing for days, but only because I like it. 😀 I have variety with fruit and vegetables, and I also regularly vary meat and fish. 😊
I keep preaching, women, if you want your butt to grow or you want to build muscle overall, you have to eat. 🙂✌🏽

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