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Basic Exercises to Have Big and Strong Arms :

Basic Exercises to Have Big and Strong Arms
This article may sound like it is strictly for men alone. However, some women would find this article helpful because it can be utilized by both sexes. Exercise via weight training is universal and can be used by men or women. All of us want to have big, stronger arms and body. Also, the vast majority of individuals today literally spend thousands of dollars every month to be in great shape. So why not?

I must remind you though that there are no gimmicks or magic formula for you to have big and stronger arms. You have to workout at the gym and use weights in order to achieve this dream. No ifs, no buts. You have to do it.

There are many fancy arm training machines you can see at the gym which claim to "specifically" target your biceps or triceps or "isolate" them. I say this might be a good idea if you like it. But in my opinion, I like compound arm movements via free weights. I don't give much fuss about isolation of my biceps or my triceps since they move at the same time. So it is logical to say that you can train them in unison.

Plus, I don't believe that these arm equipments don't involve "other" muscle groups. Our muscles must work in a system / group in order to function. I always stick with the basic free weight exercises because they are simple, easy to do and it works.

Bicep curls

You can do this exercise either with a dumbbell or a barbell. I always start with a 4 warm-up sets with decreasing 12-10-8-6 repetitions. You might wonder why I do it this way. It's because my intention is not to exhaust my muscle with pyramid or multiple number of sets with fix 10 reps. I want my arms to focus on 2-3 intense sets of 6-8 reps (to failure). I always employ this philosophy to other exercise routines I do. I always believe on the saying "doing more with less" and that to focus on "quality" than "quantity".

After warm-up sets. I will do heavy low-rep sets (2-3 sets x 6-8 reps). I always keep a journal of my progress thus I know what's my "sweet" spot on the amount of weight. If you're new to this routine, you have to "feel" what amount of weight is the best for you. It must allow you to curl the weight (to failure) within 6-8 repetitions.

Narrow grip bench press

Not only will this exercise build your triceps but it will also develop your pecs (chest) as well. I usually do Narrow grip bench press during my Chest routine. This way, I don't need to do warm-up sets. You must plan most of your routines this way so that you don't waste a lot of your time at the gym.

I do heavy 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps each. I always have a gym partner to act as a spotter to help me achieve failure. I have tried doing narrow grip bench presses on Smith Machines but I felt it isn't as effective as a free weight bench press. Your form is more natural with flat benches unlike with the Smith Machine.

Those are the 2 basic exercises I employ to build bigger and stronger arms. The key here is to do be smart doing your exercise routines. You don't need to stay 2-hours at the gym doing fancy exercise on machine equipments. Quality is what you need.

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