Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Weight loss : Genuinely so proud of myself

Weight loss : Genuinely so proud of myself
Genuinely so proud of myself for accepting that the process is going to be slow if my goal is to have life long results.

I was always an all or nothing person, constantly over correcting, which led me to years of bingeing and starving until eventually all I could do was binge every night.

In 2019 I had gotten to my heaviest which was 230lbs at 5’4. That first photo is the moment I decided enough was enough.

I then started my journey learning about a whole foods plant based diet, as well as bodybuilding/weight training and the rest was history.

I hope I am able to bring hope to anyone who is feeling hopeless. You CAN do this, but sometimes we need to slow down, be patient and kind to ourselves 💜

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