Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Weight loss : It may seem like its completely impossible, but it's not!

Weight loss : It may seem like its completely impossible, but it's not!
In March 2021, I was at the lowest point I felt I had ever been in my life. Coming from someone who was used to weighing in the 130's my entire adult life, this was something that put me in a very low place mentally and physically. I had gained over 30 pounds in less then 4 months, and was at the highest weight I had ever been at of 174. I felt exhausted even trying to practice soccer with my daughter, I could barely jog for 30 seconds without feeling completely out of breath. I remember doing self searches and convincing myself that I must have some type of hormonal issue or problem that had caused the weight gain. I felt lost and had no idea how it happened. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection that I was disgusted with, I was depressed and I wanted to give up, and felt like this was it for me.

I have obesity in my family and assumed that if I didn't have a hormonal problem, that I was just destined to end up on the path of the members of my family who were living their lives obese or morbidly obese. I decided to go to my doctor and insist that she test me for everything that could possibly be wrong with me to find out if some underlying condition or hormonal problem caused the weight gain. I remember waiting for the results with the thought in my mind that I was absolutely sure that there would be something on those tests that said I had something wrong with me. To my surprise, all of the results came back fine.

All my levels were normal. I was still in denial about this, and I remember asking my doctor if she was sure numerous times and even wanted her to test me again. I'll never forget what she said to me that day... "Sometimes women's metabolisms change in their 30's and it can cause excess weight gain, I recommend exercising and developing a healthy relationship with food." It took me a few days to process this, but that was the wake up call I needed. I decided to join a gym, work with a professional, and make a real life change.

✨This is possible for anyone. It may seem like its completely impossible, but it's not!
✨I am so happy that I made this change, and I am just going to continue to make myself better mentally and physically as I age.
✨For anyone who feels like they're stuck, at a low point in their lives, or feels like they'll never get the physique they desire to have, I'm here to tell you that nothing is impossible! You just have to want it, and stick to it.
✨Have a plan, work with a professional, figure out what your goals are and make them a priority. Investing in myself has been the best choice that I have ever made. It has made me a better mother, and feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life.

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