Saturday, December 17, 2022

Weight loss : My real journey started

Weight loss : My real journey started

I have been all over before my real journey started ✨️
May 2021..start counting macros and figure out healthy eating habits
Started to become serious about more weights and less cardio due to a bum knee. I started using certain programs in August of 2021 as my 46th birthday present,  one at a time.
2 babies via c-section ( 1 baby was almost 10lbs🥴) , 1 ectopic pregnancy that ruptured and turned open to save my life, 1 incional hernia repair and a hysterectomy made me the strong woman I am today.

I never thought I could be mentally and physically where I am today. I look back at those pictures and everyone thought this was happy me, most of the time it probably was because I just love my family but I was depressed at times, especially since the ectopic.  I convinced myself I could never be the same person with that matter how much my husband told me different.  It didn't even play into my mind to just be grateful I made it through.

But guess what, I'm winning,  I'm loving myself and ya know I'm kickin 🍑 with this new found lifestyle 💪 I'm also 90+ days sober and am so proud of myself for that extra win✨️
As a momma to a 25 & 24 year old I am example to them . They are so proud of me as I am of them. They now lift weights, eat healthier and have lost a combined 50lbs or more.
I remember we are all on our own journey and I embrace every minute ✨️
I now have a super strong core, mindset, and have made some amazing friends through this journey that isn't even close to being over💛  
For me this is just the beginning and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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