Monday, December 5, 2022

Weight loss : What plan did you do?

Weight loss :  What plan did you do?
Annual company Christmas party was last night, my chance to really show off the 70 pounds I lost this year! I'm especially enjoying all the leggggs lol.
SW: 200-210
GW: 145
CW: 140


"How long did it take?"
- The first 10 or so lbs was slow, Jan-March. April 1st is when I started IF, weighing 200 lbs at start. I lost about 1 1/2- 2 lbs a week on average.

"How tall are you?"

- 5'6

"What plan did you do?"
- I started with 16:8 and didn't lose anything, so after a couple weeks I switched to 20:4. I mostly skipped dinners instead of breakfast, so my mornings would go: 830am-coffee and a small snack or breakfast sandwich, 12pm large lunch, then start fast until next day. Whenever I made adjustments, mostly weekends, I'd just fast longer or shorter to adjust my daily window, continuing to EAT for only 4 hours a day. I did not take joker days unless I was sick.

"What did you eat?"
- I have difficulties with dieting as I only eat certain things anyway. I tried to eat salad and soup, salad and salmon, etc when I didn't have any particular cravings, but also those salads were not low calorie and if I wanted pizza, I'd eat pizza. I did limit portion sizes and wouldn't eat past feeling full.

"Did you exercise?"
-No (and I work an office job)

"Can I PM you with questions?"

- Just kidding, no one ever asks they just do it. Don't do this please. I'll respond to your comments when I can.

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