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Female Bodybuilding, Working Towards the Right and Attractive Body

Female Bodybuilding, Working Towards the Right and Attractive Body
Most people think that Bodybuilding is for men alone, this is a lie as women can build muscles to have an attractive and strong body. Men and women require the same Muscle Building techniques to gain muscles. Also you have to follow an effective routine and eat the right foods. You should do similar exercises with men, but when doing weight lifting start with lighter weights. Before you start building your body, have a picture of your desired goal in mind and write it down, write down and follow a good Muscle Building diet.

If you want to grow muscle mass really fast, you should eat the right food. As a female bodybuilder, eat more of protein foods because you need it for effective bodybuilding, also eat a little of carbohydrate foods because it provides energy for your body and also eat very little of fatty foods because it is needed by your body for normal functioning.

Some good foods that aids bodybuilding includes:

1. Beans: This is very good as it is very rich in protein which is needed by your muscles to grow and replace worn out tissues.

2. Chicken and Turkey: Eat them without the skin because the skin contains fat, also do not fry them. You can either boil or roast them, they are also a good source of protein.

3. Tuna in Water: This is another protein rich food that is very cheap and good for Muscle Building.

4. Brown Rice and Whole Wheat Bread: These carbohydrate foods contain low calories that can be used up completely during exercises.

5. Olive and Coconut Oil: These are the best cooking oil, don't use palm, vegetable or groundnut oil.

6. Water: Drink plenty of water before and after meals.

Take note that it is advisable to eat small portions of food every 4 hours rather than over feeding yourself trice a day. This also helps to provide the needed energy for your daily routine.

Another tip is to always challenge yourself during your routines, do not waste time at the gym, an hour a day is enough to get the best out of the day. All you need is to do your workouts with all seriousness until you are unable to continue and then rest for a minimum of 24 hours for your muscles to heal and grow.

Make sure you start with lighter weights for weight lifting. You should add exercises like Dead Lifts, Squats, Bench Press and running to your routines as they work on multiple muscle groups at the same time.

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