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Muscle Building Workouts, How to Get Huge Triceps :

Our arms are composed of a number of different types of muscles. Among these muscle types, it is the triceps that are always used with arm movements. As the name implies, triceps are comprised with three main muscles. Strong and big triceps gives an individual the ability to lift heavy loads. Also, having well-developed triceps is a known characteristic of great and powerful arms. That is why so many people are seen doing military presses, bench presses and any other triceps exercises to develop lean and strong triceps.

Aside from strength and aesthetics, strengthening your triceps is essential in generally making the arms stronger. This is because the muscle takes 2/3 of the entire length of your arm. Hence, you cannot develop strong arms without having strong triceps first. But of course, you also need to work out your biceps to end up having well rounded and proportionally developed arms.

Simple triceps work out include push ups, dumbbell exercises and rope pull downs. Before doing any of these, remember to have a proper warm up. Warming up is crucial to ensuring great exercise results. It basically prepares the body to the physical demands of doing certain exercises, which minimizes the chance of injuries.

Doing simple push up is the classic triceps exercise. It is the simplest and most effective in toning up the muscle. Using dumbbells for load or increased body resistance helps in intensifying any form of triceps exercise. But to tone the muscle, you can replace the rope pull down machine with a dumbbell, hold it in both hands and position it at the back of the head. Maintain a position and gently pull the dumbbell up and down and feel the triceps flex. In the gym, triceps toning exercises begin with rope pull down machines. The machine exercises the triceps by allowing you to do similar exercises as those done with the dumb bell. Remember to maintain proper posture in doing these exercises to ensure correct execution. Exercises are all for quality of movements and not the number of reps.

Advanced triceps exercises are usually designed to improve the mass and stretch of the upper and lower triceps. For mass, heavy weights such as the close-grip barbell bench and weighted dips may be used. For building upper triceps, doing dips and cable pressdown exercises will be helpful. For building lower triceps, weighted dips and dips was found to be effective, intensify the exercise by only going 3/4 of the way up force to fully concentrate on the lower triceps. For great results, it is important to maintain proper posture.

When building up triceps, better result are usually achieved when a person train while he is fresh. By supersetting triceps exercises, one can have an Olympia-quality arm. Usually, it is harder to build bigger triceps. According to the priority principle of body building, targeting first the-hard-to-workout muscles is the key to achieving well-proportioned body building results.

Diet, nutrition and rest are of equal importance to doing the exercises when it comes to strengthening the triceps. One must maintain proper nourishment to have the energy to go on with the demanding exercises. Exercise and nutrition is like science and fitness working together in achieving ideal results. Remember, a decent weight training routine is one that combines equal attention to the exercise, well-balanced diet and sufficient rest in producing long-term gains.

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