Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Exercise Habit 1 - The Squat : Pain means STOP

The Exercise Habit 1 - The Squat : Pain means STOP
Pain means STOP :

Lower down and smoothly come back up. Go ahead and stick your behind out a bit. Keep those toes straight, heels down, don't go too far down the first day. Find a point where you can readily do 10 repetitions. Rest 60 seconds and do a second set of 10 more reps.

That's it! Remember, we're trying to form a 10 minute morning habit here. We're not trying to lose 100 pounds this week. Baby steps are important - but regular baby steps are the key to success! This first week may only take 5 minutes... great! Walk around the house for 5 more if you like, climb up and down the stairs.

As the squats get a little easier, try going a little deeper. If that's too tough, try going a little faster instead. Always give your body a bit of a challenge and those muscles will grow!

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