Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Exercise Habit 1 - The Squat : Position Tips

The Exercise Habit 1 - The Squat : Position Tips
Position Tips :

1. Feet are placed slightly wider than the shoulders. Toes are straight ahead or even slightly out. Do NOT point the toes into the centerline.

2. Heels will remain on the floor throughout the exercise.

3. Do NOT bend forward if you can possibly avoid it. Keep the back straight.

4. Keep the knees behind your toes. If your toes were touching a wall, don't let the knees break that wall!

5. When starting out, don't go too deep. Eventually, we're going to try to get our hind end as low to the ground as possible, but for now, don't put undo strain on muscles that aren't familiar with this movement.

In the early going, do not be afraid to "help" the legs by supporting some of your body weight with your arms by holding on to a counter or something sturdy. At the first sign of ANY sharp pains, STOP. If you haven't done this before - or at least for several years - do NOT push it. 

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