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Types of Strength Training : Training of muscle strength endurance :

Types of Strength Training : Training of muscle strength endurance

With persistent muscle strength believed to have the ability to muscle to economize power consumption.
How much power we can develop over a relatively long time is critical in sports where you have to overcome an external load or resistance many times. Such sports are canoeing, rowing, swimming, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, skating, wrestling, sailing, long distance and most ball games.

In all these sports, it is important that training methods take into account the actual movement pattern that the particular sport requires. When we train with relatively little external weight load, it can often be useful to use the strain that is slightly heavier than the sport requires. Examples of this are running in loose sand or snow, skate imitation with a weight load, ran with the weight vest, paddling with resistance, etc. Cross-country skiers engaged in a lot of bouncing, cross-country long hills with poles to train the special force that is needed to effectively in the hills on skis. Endurance strength training can also be implemented with external loading of partner or elastic rubber bands as resistance. Table 5 shows an actual training method to increase the muscles ability to use greater force in a sport or an exercise over a certain time:

Load small (0-50% of 1RM)
Bet the max - the maximum
Motion Mode slow - moderate
Repetition / duration of fatigue occurs
Number of series per exercise 5-10
The pause between the series

10-15 seconds (short pause)

2-3 minutes (long pause)
Number drills 5-10

- Kaizer Coutore

Kaizer Coutore has over 12 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and is a former competitive bodybuilder. 

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