Tuesday, August 8, 2023

What does everyone use to find workout programs?

What does everyone use to find workout programs?
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What does everyone use to find workout programs?

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I dont actually need a program, because I know what to do and I decide on which variations of each exercise to do when I get to the gym, depending on what equipment is available and how I feel. I always do the same bodyparts, but I will switch up exercises for those body parts frequently.

Like for biceps, the only exercise that is going to directly hit biceps is curls, but there are a zillion different curl variations. Don't get too caught up in which one(s) to do, they all work.

However, I highly recommend jefit app because it has thousands of workouts and you can do a search for them, looking for what you need. You can also modify them and make your own.

It takes around a dozen exercises (maybe 15 if you include abs, direct forearm work, direct trap exercises, etc) to do a complete full body workout.

For an absolute beginner, I would probably start out with a full body workout, where you do the full body in one workout, starting ridiculously light, then adding weight and sets over time. A beginner needs to leave the gym feeling like they didnt do enough. Else, you may become so sore the next day (DOMS), or be so exhausted, that you end up quitting. Every other day or three days a week with a rest day in between, works well for a beginner.

After a few months, then switch to the PPL split (google that if you need to), twice a week, with just one day off. So that's six days a week, and you can take the off day any day of the week, or even skip the off day, or use it at a cardio day or sumpen. I believe the ppl split to be ideal, after you are past the absolute beginner stage.

I hit every body part twice a week, regardless of what split I am doing, because if I wait a full week before hitting that body part again, I will get a little sore. If I wait more than eight or ten days, it's like starting all over again as far as DOMS. Avoiding DOMS is a great motivator to not skip workouts.

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