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My Weight Loss Journey: From 205 to 149 and Beyond

My Weight Loss Journey: From 205 to 149 and Beyond

First pics were in September starting my weight loss journey. I’m 5’2 and was at 205, I’m currently 149, goal is 130. Changed everything about my lifestyle, completely cut out soda which was a huge addiction for me. Don’t follow a strict diet but make the best choices I can always. Workout at home when the kids are in bed.

Editing to make sure everyone can see, I should’ve added a little more information originally so here goes 😊 I’m 24, I was 205 in September of this year, that’s when I started this journey. I don’t follow any kind of strict diet but I stay under 1700 calories daily. I only drink water or 0 calorie drinks. I contribute almost all of my weight loss to my diet changes.

I really just make sure to choose the healthiest options all of the time now. I used to make the worst choices like eating a lot before bed, drinking soda all day every day, eating my kids' food that they wouldn’t finish, always feeling like I needed a sweet treat lol. You name it, I was probably doing it. So as soon as I was strict on myself and cut out all the bad habits, I noticed weight loss started immediately.

I only recently started working out when my kiddos are asleep because now that I’ve lost a good amount, I would like to tone myself up! I watch YouTube videos and TikTok videos on the best beginner workouts and I follow them. I have a little collection of weights now, and I prioritize my arms as they are one of my biggest “problem areas” still.

I hope any of this information helps you. Thank you for all of the support; it means THE WORLD!

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