Monday, August 27, 2018

You look amazing congratulations on your weight loss :

 You look amazing congratulations on your weight loss
I've gained and lost weight several times in my life .the thing about weight loss no one really wants to talk about is eating disorders. People often go through cycles of binge eating ,yo-yo dieting and starvation. When you grow to hate food you become so unhappy. You get a rush from starvation in the hopes of being skinny .you feed off of negative self Begin a war with your plate. 

It's a vicious cycle and it often affects your health , weight,body and mind. I was depressed and suicidal.i was the highest I ever weighed in highschool I was mocked and bullied . But one day after years of keeping secrets. I went to therapy and let it out. For the first time I had someone who understands me. I am now on new journey of self discovery and self love it's not about me hating myself.its about being healthy.

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