Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Weight loss... please help !!!

Weight loss... please help !!!
you have a very reasonable and achievable goal. It can most certainly be confusing at the start but you can definitely get there. You don't need a gym to work out either. The other day on my way to grab a coffee I saw a woman doing lunges in the back alley. She looked fit as fuck, so you can do this shit anywhere.
It's not the equipment that counts it's your efforts and how you apply it.
It's difficult and can be very frustrating but the first step is adjusting your diet to something that is both healthy and maintainable. You don't necessarily need a "diet plan" like Weight Watchers, Keto, Green Tea ect. They just help by offering you a plan to follow. Like shoes you gotta find the right one that fits of make your own.

There are endless low equipment, high impact workout tutorial on youtube. Find one you like and follow it, mix it up and do your best to keep track.
Google search or youtube calories 101, calories for dumbies, and just take baby steps with learning this stuff.
You can get there With help :

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