Sunday, January 27, 2019

What is the best pre workout? My advice :

What is the best pre workout? My advice
Pre workout.

20mgs Cialis.
35mgs Dbol.
50mgs Proviron.
100mgs Tren A.
8oz Pomagranite Juice.
Big bowl of Nor Cal's finest.

500 test E/Week
500 deca/week
1000 eg/week

Recreational gear user. Can u imagine what the Pros pin? I feel great. Trensomnia is my biggest side. Already lost my hair in early age. Had gyno surgery when I was young and chubby. Thank God I don't work so I can sleep during the day.
Give blood every 60 days.

Any change ups needed for optimization from the Pros in this.
group would greatly help. I cycle on and off frequently. Except for test/ancillaries.

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