Monday, February 4, 2019

I’ve always struggled with my weight, Weight loss :

I’ve always struggled with my weight, Weight loss
While I’ve obviously made a massive change to my lifestyle I could of been doing more, in better ways. I would often stress about foods and literally starve myself trying to become “skinny” in the mindset that to be attractive I had to reach 60kg 🤦🏼‍♀️ I would CONSTANTLY lose and gain the same weight😤

Until three weeks ago someone gave me a book that changed my life, and I started a 16 week challenge working out in a way I didn’t think was even possible for my body. When I’d starve myself my body would shrink, yes! But it was still MY body, the body I was unhappy with, just SMALLER!

But I just wanted to show you what only 3 WEEKS on this new program has done for me. All my muscles are becoming toned and defined and my entire body is starting to morph into one I don’t recognise, I no longer have a pancake ass, and it’s already corrected my posture😱 if this is after 3 weeks cannot wait to share the results after 16🎉

Anyway just wanted to remind some girls that if your unhappy in yourself, only you have the strength to change it💪🏼 If I can do this honestly ANYONE can and I want to make it my mission in life to help as many women as I can who I see struggle with the same thing I have 🙌🏼

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