Sunday, March 24, 2019

Suggestions to muscle the body :

Suggestions to muscle the body
I just completed my one year! Feeling a little bummed about the results. Didn’t see as much as I’d like physically, although I am putting up more weight. Began with squatting 70lbs and now I squat 100lbs. Any suggestions for year two to help grow more?

I think if you want to add muscle, you have to be willing to add calories and lean bulk. That can be difficult mentally for women because of societal pressures. Maintenance calories will not get you anywhere except firmer muscles.

I think eat more. I know it’s tough because you probably enjoy being lean but maybe just accepting a bit of extra weight on a bulk will help you grow and then you can lean out once you’ve built yourself up a bit more. But I know that’s easier said than done... I struggle with it everyday!

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