Friday, April 12, 2019

Build bigger biceps - 12 Bodybuilding Tips :

1 - If the exercise becomes easier, but there are no more extra weights, simply make more strokes to gain strength and be able to perform a considerable amount of bending with the available material.
2 - Raising and resting the weight too fast is the most common mistake in bending exercises. You must take your time. Lift and rest the weight at the same speed and pay attention to carelessness. You will enjoy the result.
3 - The weight you carry does not matter. You can safely start with 4.5 kg as long as you have the right posture and technique. Once you do not have any more trouble carrying your weight, it's time to increase it.
4 - The best way to have big arms is to also strengthen the triceps. Your triceps are a big part of your arm and will give your biceps a look by strengthening them.
5 - If you want to have bigger biceps, you must find the weight corresponding to your needs and make short bends, eight times are enough even if your 8th recovery may be difficult to perform. Do three sessions of each exercise.
6 - Work primarily the size and not the flexions. If you prefer bending, it will be difficult to work the size later.
7 - Change your lifestyle to build muscles more effectively. Drink more water, eat more protein and fiber and spend more time doing vigorous exercises and fat burners.

8 - The muscles do not appear overnight. They require rest and perseverance. So beware of disappointments.
9 -  If you feel pain in your wrist or elbow during exercise, use a flex bar or dumbbells instead of a straight bar.
10 - Other biceps exercises include flexing the forearms on an incline, flexing the forearms to the low pulley and flexing the forearms to the bar, lying on a bench.
11 - Bending alone will not allow you to have bigger biceps. You must exercise your whole body, especially the legs. To develop 2.5 cm of muscle on your arms, you will need to carry about 1.8 kg!
12 - Do not lift weight if you are not older than 14, otherwise your muscles will be weak. Be satisfied with pumps.
Build bigger biceps - 12 Bodybuilding Tips
Build bigger biceps - 12 Bodybuilding Tips
Build bigger biceps - 12 Bodybuilding Tips
Build bigger biceps - 12 Bodybuilding Tips
Build bigger biceps - 12 Bodybuilding Tips

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