Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tracking Success With Workout Charts (Part 1) :

Tracking Success With Workout Charts (Part 1)
Some things to consider when beginning any new exercise routine are type of exercise, frequency, duration, weight, number of repetitions and number of sets. Many times someone else, whether it be a friend, personal trainer, website, or magazine has given you some basic guidelines to follow for a specific routine. Still, some of you will decide to take matters into your own hands and put together your own personal exercise plan. It does not matter which route you take, you will benefit from using a workout chart.

If you start an exercise routine that you can finish completely, you are probably not challenging your body to truly benefit from the workout. On the other hand, if the workout is impossible for you to do, you won't do it. The solution to this is to start out slow on a more difficult workout. You do not have to finish the entire workout. You will want to keep track of where you are in your workout, though. Always pick up where you left off the day before. This will help ensure that you are getting the total benefit from your routine. If you started off every day with squats and never made it to the crunches, your legs and derriere will be looking good but the belly will still be jelly. Using a workout chart to stay on track with your exercise routine will help you get the greatest benefits from your exercise routine.

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