Monday, November 11, 2019

Next 3 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims

Next 3 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims :
"If the bar ain't bendin' you're just pretendin'"

More of the same. I actually think it takes a lot more discipline and fortitude to lift a moderate weight to exhaustion with optimal technique than it does to lift big weights with sloppy form.

"Refuse to Lose"

Sounds nice as long as you're winning.

"Tough times don't last- tough people do"


"Difficulty is relative to your preparation"

I believe the author of this is Dan Millman. I find this to be profound, and illustrative of a methodological approach to training. It isn't true in the literal sense- some people can never be successful competitive bodybuilders, for instance. But if you've identified challenging and realistic goals for yourself, this maxim can serve as inspiration when you have a hard time getting geared up for your next workout.

"Train, don't strain"

This seems to suggest that you needn't work hard during exercise. The very definition of training is the regular, planned application of stress for the purpose of causing a desired adaptation. Of course, beginners or de-conditioned people don't need to push particularly hard at the beginning, so at the most I'll say that this is wise advice for beginners.

"Stimulate, don't annihilate"

This one was often used by Lee Haney on his television show. In order to make progress, you must expose the body to slightly higher levels of stress that it is used to experiencing. I think Haney has captured the essence of this truth quite nicely.

"Train for shape, and size will follow" (Sigmund Klein?)

The reverse makes more sense. Nevertheless, your muscle shape is genetically pre-determined. You can't train for shape, no matter what anyone tells you. However, as a muscle becomes larger, it's shape does change (because now the girth of the muscle is a greater percentage of its length), but that change is pre-determined. Nevertheless, literally every month, you'll find an article about "peaking" your biceps in some muscle mag.

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