Friday, January 3, 2020

Weight loss, My goal is to lose another 100 lbs :

Weight loss, My goal is to lose another 100 lbs
If u are just starting Keto stick with it! If u are thinking about Keto just do it! If u've been on Keto continue ur progress! I started with Strict Keto for the 1st year(been on on keto for 2 yrs) I did excercise(a lot) its just therapy for me. Then I had a long stall. Started lazy/dirty keto/ low carb still loosing but not as much on strict keto. So back to strict Keto it is! Especially for the next 50#. My goal is to lose another 100#😉

I put the red line to show how wide I was from booty to belly lol. I feel so much better now in all aspects in my life. Physically, Mentally, Confidently, Self esteem etc.. Just start with small realistic goals. I set my goals every 3 months. Don't overwhelm urself because u can easily get discouraged. Don't compare urself to others remember all flowers bloom differently. If u get off track just get right back on. Take what u learn from other people experiences go with it and set ur own stage🌟🌟🌟
Keto on my friends u got this!👊

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