Friday, May 8, 2020

About Sexy Female Abs (Part 2) :

About Sexy Female Abs (Part 2)
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About Sexy Female Abs (Part 2) :

Due to the hormones getting those huge ab muscles is hard for women, and you really can't get too bulky by accident. The same strange misconception makes many women think that they should exercise in different way than men. Really the only big difference between women's and males exercising is usually the amount of resistance. Everything else works in the same way. So if you are aiming for lean stomach, 20 - 30 repetition sets with resistance if needed, will make your stomach flatter. Remember, to get results your exercising needs to feel HARD! Just doing few abs now and then will not get you anywhere.

Same ab exercises and methods work in the same way for women and men, it's just the nature of our bodies which will make the difference between men's capability of getting bigger ab muscles easy and women's of getting lean stomach only by working hard.

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