Sunday, June 7, 2020

Weight loss, leave the comfort zone and go to the fight :

Weight loss, leave the comfort zone and go to the fight
It was easy? Not!

It was easy for me to remain in my comfort zone, to remain accommodated and complaining about something that bothered me, making a thousand excuses and creating difficulties that actually didn't even exist, it was a lack of will.

To change it’s necessary to leave the comfort zone and go to the fight, I’m not saying that I will suffer (some days, yes!), I’m just saying that it requires effort and daily dedication.

It was difficult for me to leave my sacred milk with nescau, drop a roll, the coxinha, the soda, the thousands of sweets that I love.

It was difficult to start eating salad and vegetables every single day, drinking unsweetened coffee, paying attention to the amount of everything I eat, learning to say no.

However, today the difficulty no longer exists, I changed my taste, my thinking, I started to feel happy with the food I make with so much love and care.

I look back and see how much it was worth, how happy it made me look after myself, love myself more. Not only for aesthetics, but for my well-being, my health, my self-esteem.

Today I am who I wanted to be before and that makes me very proud.

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