Sunday, July 19, 2020

Muscle Building, Female Muscle Growth (Part 1) :

Muscle Building, Female Muscle Growth (Part 1)
Women generally tend to frown upon the term 'body building'. The common myth is that if a woman starts weight training she'll look like those wrestlers on TV, and no woman wants to give up her feminine shape. You should know this is totally misunderstood. Not only can woman body-build, they can look even more feminine if they do so. Women can never look like men as a result of weight training or body building.

The hormone that causes men to pop muscles the way they do, testosterone, is present in one-fifth amount or less in women. So what happens when women body build? They burn fat, loose excess weight, gain strength and build lean muscle. How do you think the super models look so great?

So how should women go for their muscle growth? Here are a few essentials:

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