Monday, March 29, 2021

Facts About Muscle Building for Women (Part 2) :

Facts About Muscle Building for Women (Part 2)
👉 Facts About Muscle Building for Women (Part 1)

Facts About Muscle Building for Women (Part 2) :

With testosterone hormone significantly aiding in muscle mass formation, men obviously have a substantial advantage over women who only produce minimal testosterone in the body. Others choose supplements, specifically testosterone boosters and growth hormones, to achieve bigger results. However, many avoid such supplements due to fear of androgenic side effects like deepening of the voice and increased hair growth and libido. Ever wonder how many women body builders achieve those ripped bodies similar to men? They use these testosterone boosters or anabolic steroids to gain significant strength and muscles mass. If you are keen on getting a ripped body, supplements would help but always be cautious in how you use them to minimize the side effects that come with it. At the least, you can still enjoy a leaner body and toned muscles with safe and effective supplements, regular workout, and controlled diet. No growth hormones involved.

While standard workout for women involves a lot of cardio and lifting of light weights, muscle building requires women to lift heavier and challenging weights to increase strength and gain muscle. You don't have to worry about getting too ripped from heavier weights because this can only be possible with higher testosterone levels as mentioned above. With challenging weights and a variety of pull-ups, shoulder press, bench press, curls, and deadlifts, women can expect a toned up body and more solid curves.

Bodybuilding for women, just like that of men, requires a workout program and great effort to achieve the desired results. It is best to follow weekly programs and get help from trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable about muscle building specifically for the ladies.

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