Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Overcoming Biased Views of Women Training With Free Weights (Part 2) :

Overcoming Biased Views of Women Training With Free Weights (Part 2)

Overcoming Biased Views of Women Training With Free Weights (Part 2) :

So how does weight training for a woman differ from that of a man? The goals and mindset are at opposite ends, the man wants to get big and strong and push and pull a lot of weight in poor form usually to his detriment, a woman on the other hand is concerned with shape and symmetry and striving to reach a body size to fit into the fabled clothing sizes between five and one or do we dare say the near mythical size zero whether they would look good at that size or not.

Both sexes are hung up on numbers which alone are meaningless because of variances in bone structure, and height. The mirror is the most honest tool to gauge yourself. Naked and in good light it can be cruel or flattering but a very accurate way to assess your progress and easy to use too, but only if you are honest with yourself, kidding yourself with poor lighting or camouflaging clothing will only bite you over and over every time you look at the truth in the mirror, so make friends with it and in time it will begin to give you compliments and self confidence.

So we see that women need to gain some muscle size to replace the shapeless fat covering themselves to build the curves and contours, this is where a little thought comes in, after consulting with your friend the mirror you find out where your strong and weak areas are and train those areas with differing amounts of intensity and focus, harder and more specific on your weak areas or parts of weak areas and more generalized on the stronger areas to save your body's finite resources for what counts to bring about a balanced complete physique and the mirror will let you know when you get there.

So don't be afraid to pump some iron because with a little know how and a smart training approach you can succeed far quicker and more effectively than diet and aerobics alone, though they are important too, but the three teamed together are a winning combination with the help of Mr. Mirror. So good luck with your productive iron pumping.

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