Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Overcoming Biased Views of Women Training With Free Weights (Part 1) :

Hard, heavy, clumsy, cumbersome, barbaric, dangerous, unwanted muscle bulk, to name a few of the unfounded accusations describing the most successful approach to altering one's form in a positive direction, building curves and contours with muscle that accent the female body in a way body fat never can.

With muscle you control how much goes here and there, sculpting yourself like an artist. With fat you are left at the bodies mercy as to how it distributes your curves and hard dieting and hyper aerobics strips away the fat leaving little in the way of pleasing form unless looking childlike with a disproportionately large head is your idea of beauty or skinny fat, being skeletal with a layer of soft toneless fat giving an unhealthy appearance. Then there are women bodybuilders, possibly the biggest roadblock in the comfort level of the average woman trying weight training.

One needs to understand these women have more testosterone coursing through their bodies than the average man due to severe abuse of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone to produce a third species, a she man.

Women with their natural hormone levels simply cannot gain thick man size muscles no matter how hard they train, it is not in your genetic makeup and your body fat will be higher than a man due to female body's need for it, but not to an excess amount, just enough to soften the muscle underneath giving the woman's body a healthy appearance of dangerous curves and abundant fitness.

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