Sunday, June 13, 2021

Why Women Should Perform Strength Training Workouts (Part 2) :

Why Women Should Perform Strength Training Workouts (Part 2)
👉 Why Women Should Perform Strength Training Workouts (Part 1)

Why Women Should Perform Strength Training Workouts (Part 2) :

It is unfortunate that even some women who regularly engage in weight training workouts fail to work as hard as they should and end up getting little benefit from their exercise efforts. Using proper form and exercising until the muscle group is fully fatigued is needed to stimulate strength gains.

As surprising as it may seem to some people, strength training for women should not be significantly different then it is for men. Both men and women have the same muscle structure. The function of the major muscle groups are the same in both sexes. The number of muscles and the movements they perform are the same for men and women.The method of stimulating a muscle to get stronger with exercise and then adapting to that stimulus is actually the same in men and women. When a man or a woman develops stronger muscles they both receive important benefits such as increased metabolism, increased athletic performance, body fat reduction and improved physical capabilities. Since the functions of the muscles are identical than it stands to reason that the way they are made stronger through exercise works the same way.

Some of the differences in the workout results between men and women are due to the difference in genetic body structure and natural hormonal levels. Most men have a body structure that has a larger cross section of muscle mass to begin with, hence overall natural body strength. The hormone testosterone in males plays a large role in allowing muscles to get larger as they get stronger. On the other hand, generally a woman has the ability to make a muscle stronger without the muscle size increasing as much. This is one of the reasons why strength training for women will usually not result in large, bulky muscles like it does with some males. Very few women have the ability to build a significant amount of muscle mass. Everyone, male or female, has a unique genetic body structure that largely determine their physique and their response to exercise.

Women should not be afraid to participate in strength training workouts and they should learn to train properly to get the most benefit. Using high intensity exercise methods will help anyone get the best results from their strength building workouts.

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