Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Diet and Exercise Tips For the Endomorph Body Type :

An endomorph is born with a particular body type, inherited from the most dominant traits you've picked up from your family.

If you tend to put on fat quite quickly when you are sedentary and muscle up fairly readily when fit, you are probably an endomorph. This somatotype is known to be wide and strong, but naturally soft and somewhat rounded in appearance.

If you are naturally pear shaped (lighter in the upper body, wider at the hips) or naturally apple shaped (top heavy, little waist definition, slimmer legs) you have more than a touch of the endomorph about you.

While being an endomorph is certainly not the worst thing that can happen to you, you would rather be a mesomorph.

Why should you want to be a mesomorph?

Well a true mesomorph is the ideal human physique. These people are born with a decent metabolism and a balanced bone structure.

A female mesomorph is a curvy hour glass even when well overweight; a male is...well do you happen to recall all those reruns of old black and white Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller, the wide shouldered, slim hipped ex-Olympic swimmer and bodybuilder?

Sorry, where was I?

Now it's no use saying, "I can't get that sort of body. I was born a miserable endomorph, not a blessed and privileged mesomorph. Pass me the jam donuts, I'm not moving out of this comfy chair till I have a good sulk and a hearty portion of comfort food".

Don't do this to yourself. Your less than perfect body type is not an excuse to give up. It's a reason to eat and exercise in particular ways that mean you optimise the results of your weight loss and fitness program.

Though you cannot change your bone structure (without expensive and risky surgery) you can change your shape somewhat by ditching body fat and building lean or bulk muscle mass.

You can build up your shoulder muscles to balance your shoulders and hips by using even the lightest of weights. You can fine down your waist with ab targeting exercises. You can develop lean and toned legs and lose that soft all over look with the right amount of walking, jogging, cycling or running every week.

We all need to maintain a simple healthy diet for life with a good mix of complex carbs, protein and unsaturated fats. But as an endomorph you have to watch your complex carbs intake more than the other two somatotypes (envied mesomorph and slender ectomorph).

In order to make the most of the body you're in, you need diet and exercise according to what an endomorph body responds best to. Work smarter not harder and your body will reward your efforts.

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