Monday, November 22, 2021

Circuit Training Workouts, The Latest Trend in Fitness : Strength Training

Circuit Training Workouts : Strength Training

Strength Training:

It is a type of exercise done by creating resistance to muscle contractions. The goal is to increase the strength of muscles by using weights, elastic/hydraulic forces or gravity. Weight training, a subset of strength training, should not be confused with bodybuilding. Weight training is, as described, done to increase the muscle strength while the primary purpose in body building is to build muscle mass by increasing the size of the muscle cells (Muscle hypertrophy).

Pros of Strength Training

  •     Increases tendon, ligament, and muscle strength.
  •     Increases bone density, flexibility, tone, metabolic rate and postural support
  •     As oppose to cardio exercises shapes the body while losing weight
  •     One of the safest forms of exercise, since all movements are supposed to be performed at a very slow rate

Cons of Strength Training

  •     If not performed properly may cause injuries
  •     Requires some expertise or professional help since lack of either may cause muscle injuries due to improper selection of weights.

👉 Introduction : Circuit Training Workouts, The Latest Trend in Fitness.
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👉 Strength Training.
👉 Circuit Training.

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