Thursday, December 2, 2021

Why Build a Home Gym? : The Intimidation Factor

Why Build a Home Gym? : The Intimidation Factor
The Intimidation Factor :

For many people big name commercial gyms are intimidating. When I had the opportunity to open my own gym, I decided that instead of opening a "big gym", I would focus on one-on-one personal training with private suites because so many people found big gyms intimidating and I felt that they were the LEAST effective way of getting people results. They would join a gym to lose weight and they would never go because they found them menacing or ineffective.

In my experience, I have found that many women found comfort in their own private training suites because there was no one staring at them (which is what you typically get in a big commercial gym). However, this is a very expensive option at $60 to $150 per training session.

Even many men, myself included, dislike commercial gyms. Depending on the gym, you might find a large bodybuilding contingent that can also be very intimidating.

Additionally, you'll often find rude and inconsiderate members who might stay on one machine for long periods of time or even worse, don't wipe down equipment after they use it.

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