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As prep for Arnold Europe starts female bodybuilder Kashma Maharaj says I feel strong, powerful, healthy and sexy! :

As prep for Arnold Europe starts female bodybuilder Kashma Maharaj says I feel strong, powerful, healthy and sexy!

Female bodybuilder Kashma Maharaj is 170 pounds of fabulous female muscle, and she turns heads wherever she goes. All the more incredible then that she once thought 'I could never have a bodybuilder's body'.

Right now the 32-year-old is prepping for the Arnold Amateur Europe in Madrid, in October 2013 and she is on target to be in the best shape of her life.

Kashma has already taken top honors at the 2013 Arnold Amateur Ohio,USA, where she won the Heavy Weight Amateur category in March this year.

But this weekend she started digging in for the Madrid show where the 5ft 1ins muscle phenomenon promises to come in bigger, harder, and more muscular than ever.

In an exclusive interview for femalebodybuilders24.com she said: “I want to be the best!

“My dream is to be successful in all my endeavours. I aspire to win my PRO card and one day soon to compete on the Olympia stage.

“ I want to make my mark in this sport and be among the best female bodybuilders ever.”

Few bodybuilding fans would doubt that Kashma is more than a heartbeat away from pro status and the Ms Olympia stage.

Her powerful physique boasts dramatic muscle size (16” biceps, 42” chest and 26” quads) but is beautifully balanced. Each hugely developed muscle group flows seamlessly into the next giving her perfect female bodybuilder symmetry.

But she says her initial focus to hit the gym was triggered by hereditary and lifestyle-related illnesses which claimed the lives of some of her relatives.

The Trinidad and Tobago-born bodybuilder, who now lives in Florida, had always been active in martial arts, gymnastics and track & field but, as she matured, she increasingly turned to lifting weights - first as a fitness athlete then as a full-on female bodybuilder.

She said: “ I have always admired women who were fit and toned and men with muscle, I just never thought it was possible for me to have that kind of a body.

“But when I started weight training, after being encouraged by some friends at the gym, I really liked the way I started to look and feel, and the changes just came quickly. People started making comments about my arms and back and asking questions about training.

“I guess I started bodybuilding when I realised my body was better suited to competing as a bodybuilder as opposed to a figure athlete, which is what I competed as in 2008.

“I have embraced the bodybuilding lifestyle since 2006. I started it as a means of staying fit, being healthy and active, and trying to avoid some of the hereditary diseases that were common in my family.

“Now I am 100% female bodybuilder – I just love feeling strong, powerful, healthy and sexy!”

Kashma trains 4-6-days-per-week in the off-season but will be ramping that up to seven-days-a-week now she is preparing for the Arnold Amateur Europe.

She trains instinctively and swears by the hyper-tough bodybuilding discipline known as volume training.

And just in case you thought all that muscle was for show, Kashma trains VERY heavy.

Her lifts include:

Squat: 450lbs max; 315lbs average

Bench: 250lbs max; 185lbs average

DB shoulder press: 200lbs max; 140lbs average

Bicep curl: 135lbs max; 90lbs average

Ahead of her next show she said: “The short off season was great and I am excited to start my contest prep on 25th May 2013.

“I am currently weighing in at 165lbs and planning to step on stage heavier and better conditioned that at the Arnold.

“I am working towards improving my abdominals, glutes and hamstrings the most.

“I want to inspire and motivate others to be healthy, fit and strong, and also to challenge themselves to exceed their own expectations and make their dreams a reality.

“I want to be successful and have a future where I can take care of my family and enjoy my life. I have a 10 year plan and each day I review it and try to get one step closer to it.”

Kashma Maharaj is one fabulously focused female and we at femalebodybuilders24.com wish her, and indeed confidently predict, great things in her bodybuilding future.

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