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Insanity Workout Program: Your Path to a Ripped Body!

Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio and Fitness workout program is a popular workout program that focuses on achieving maximal results using only your own body. Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio and Fitness workout requires no additional weights, devices or materials. The 10 disc set is packed with cardio, plyometrics and is broken down into intervals working on strength, power, resistance and core training. This is one of the ultimate at home workout programs, and the Insanity workout program really delivers.

Importantly, don't expect the Insanity workout program to offer the same results as the P90 X program. It is intended for something totally different and achieves those results differently. This is not a hit against Insanity, only an important note. If you are working to transform your body from regular to ripped, maybe this isn't the perfect program. But if you are looking to tone your muscles and get in great shape and health, the Insanity workout program offers just what you are looking for. Here are the details of the program.

Shaun T leads you through ten grueling workouts, each taking roughly thirty minutes:

1. Dig deeper and Fit test: This first workout gets right into, testing the very limits your body can take.

2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit: Anyone who has done plyometrics or circuit training knows how tough they can be, now try combining them! This is an intense workout the burns huge numbers of calories and will make you look and feel great. No joke, this is serious stuff.

Cardio Power and Resistance: Through strength training and power moves you will gain a nice, toned upper body. Don't expect to look like a body builder, but rather you'll see a new, fit, leaner you.

4. Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery: You'll need a recovery day with how hard you'll be working, thankfully you have it easy during this simple and relaxing workout.

5. Pure Cardio and Abs: After your day break, expect to work hard. Very hard.

6. Core Cardio and Balance: This workout is designed to give you a break between the first and second months.

7. Max Interval Circuit: This sixty minute circuit will leave you flat on your back, too tired to move. But still wanting more.

Max Interval Plyo: Your legs won't know what hit them, this workout had me buckling. You'll feel accomplished at the end!

9. Cardio Abs: Workout those abs for twenty grueling minutes.

10. Max Cardio Conditioning and Abs: By this point, you won't be surprised at how intense you'll be working and how awesome the results can be.

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