Wednesday, April 20, 2022

As A Woman, Should I Lift Weights? Why Yes You Should! :

As A Woman, Should I Lift Weights? Why Yes You Should!
If you're a woman accustomed to more cardiovascular or light exercise, you should consider to incorporate some form of weight lifting. You're probably asking "Me, lift weights? But, I'm a that acceptable?" Well, yes. You are a woman and it is acceptable. I pose one question, why shouldn't you lift weights? Because of your gender? Not nearly.

If you look past the gender separatism that exists in the exercising world, one would notice females are sectioned off from partaking in weight training. But, weight training among females is now rather normal, dare I say it, and has even proved beneficial for women. Pumping iron as a female isn't a means of defeminization, it's merely adaptation to current exercise methodology and betterment to one's womanly self.

Now ladies, I'm sure you have a slew of reasons to avoid lifting weights -one of which, the obvious attached masculine stigma-but if you consider the advantages gained from exercising with weights, you might repeal your existing viewpoint and may even add some iron to your workout formula.

👉 Adding Some Iron
👉 Losing Some Baggage
👉 Avoiding The Bulk

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