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Building Muscle, How Much Protein Do You Need? :

Starting out with a note for absolute beginners, protein is the substance which allows your body to build and maintain muscle. It consists of high amounts of amino acids, particularly in animal meat protein, and this allows your muscles to grow by entering your body into an anabolic state. If you consume too little protein your body enters a catabolic state, wherein it will break down what muscle you have for energy, turning exercise into a counterproductive activity.

So if you're looking to build muscle or just keep what you've got, protein is going to make up an incredibly important part of your diet. There's often a lot of confusing and controversy over just how much is needed, to read on to have some of the information cleared up.

The base RDA for protein requirements is simple enough. It's recommended that men and women respectively consume 56 and 46 grams of protein a day. This can come down to as little as three eggs, a yogurt, and a cup of dry beans, likely with a serving of chicken on top. This relatively small amount will be enough to keep you going without major muscle loss as part of a sedentary lifestyle.

If you're on the edge of the bell curve in terms of weight or BMI, it's best to use a calculation. For sedentary lifestyles it's recommended to take about 0.8 kilos of protein a day per kilogram. This is where a 70kg man gets his 56g totals, so scale it up or down with weight.

For those intending to gain muscle, adjust the numbers accordingly. Let's say you're engaged in consistent endurance training on the treadmill, up this number to around 1.5 grams per kilo. That 70kg man is now on a comfortable 105 grams of protein a day. Most diets will begin to require attention by this point, so it's time to start thinking about the nutritional content of your food and where you can increase protein levels.

Muscle mass enthusiasts will usually be engaging purely in strength training, finding the most efficient path towards muscle growth. If you're serious about the endeavour, most bodybuilders will tell you to consume a minimum of 1.8g/kg, maxing out at around 2.2g/kg. A 70kg man would then be consuming 154g of protein a day, but expect this number to be at least 200g, most bodybuilders clock in at more than a hundred kilograms.

So at the very least, stick to your 0.8g/kg minimums, even if you're on a weight loss campaign. Protein is harder to break down than fat, creating higher calorie burn, and will also ensure you come out toned, not insanely skinny.

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