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Two Things to Consider to Lose Weight :

Two Things to Consider to Lose Weight

Are you Serious about losing some extra weight? For healthy and permanent weight loss, you MUST set realistic goals for yourself. Most people go into "diets" or weight loss regiments having no idea in their minds, expect that they want to lose weight the quickest way possible. The quicker the better, right. However, they have no sense of how long and how much effort it will take to lose the weight they want in a healthy manner.

Most people "jump" to the thought of the latest "fad diet" and "magic weight loss pills" that make unrealistic promises. Sure, perhaps some do lose a few pounds, but it is mostly in the form of water and muscle loss, NOT FAT! And if you agree with that, I'm sure you would also have to say that this way is not the safest and healthy way to lose weight.

While we are on the subject, another thing not do is to aim to have the body of someone famous that you seen on television. You should set your goal to only lose enough weight to reach your ideal body weight according to your body type or BMI (body mass index).

To accomplish this, all one needs to do is to start eating healthier and incorporate the proper dose of exercises with it. This combination is a sure way to be able to shed those extra pounds you wanting to get rid of.

Forget about dieting and turn your focus to healthier eating habits. The first thing to do is replace soda and fizzy drinks with ordinary water. This way you will still be able to quench your thirst, but your body does not have to store the extra fat!

Even soft drinks with the "low calorie" tag are not necessary okay. The reason being; these drinks tend not to taste as good and your being deprived of fructose. Which in turn, makes one carve for sugar!

Another suggestion would be to replace white flour products with whole grain wheat products. Whole wheat grain is rich in protein and fiber. These products also contain very little fat content, which will help you in your weight loss efforts.

Now that we got you a good base to eating healthier let us turn our attention to exercising. Contrary to what most women think, weight training is one of the best exercises that can be done for quick weight loss.

No need to worry if you are a female. Weight training does not take away the femininity of women! A little know fact is that if you want to obtain huge muscles like bodybuilders, you first of all need a hormone called testosterone, which women don't have naturally!

On a side note, bodybuilders must do more than exercise to acquire their muscular bodies. They require the use of supplements, protein shakes, steroids, etc. to be able to make their bodies that way.

So moving on, there are many benefits to exercising, other than just losing weight.

1. You will find that you will be more energetic; you gain extra energy just by burning off fat deposits within your body
2. You will be able to sleep more soundly.
3. You are going to build strong lean muscles.
4. You will naturally improve your immune system.
5. You will notice that you will have more stamina.

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