Tuesday, September 27, 2022

How to Get Big Arms, Do You Want to Be Skinny Forever?

How to Get Big Arms, Do You Want to Be Skinny Forever?

Big arms are one probably one of the most sought after fitness goals today. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about arm training that have a lot of people stuck. They've been training their arms forever, but haven't made any gains. If you don't what to be a part of the spaghetti arm crowd keep reading. You're about to discover how to get big arms.

Work Your Whole Body To Get Big Arms

To begin if you really want massive pythons as arms you need to stop relying so much on isolation work and stick to a total body workout. Stop focusing on your arms, and start focusing on gaining mass all over. If you gain 20lbs of muscle, you better believe you arms are going to come along for the ride.

More Than Just Biceps

Most people who want huge arms only train their biceps day after day after day... and they still don't see results. To get big arms You have to realize that there are other muscles they play a part in the size of your arms. The triceps contribute about 60% of your total arm size and a set of well develop deltoids make your arms look gigantic. If you want a gun show don't forget these muscles.

Train With Intensity

Stop doing endless amounts of dumbbell curls for hours throughout the day. A short, intense training session is the best option to get big arms. This also applies to every other muscle group. When you concentrate on every rep of each sets your muscles have no choice, but to grow bigger and stronger.

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