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Weight loss Gaining strength, courage, My journey :

Weight loss Gaining strength, courage, My journey
SW 211 lbs Ap. 2019(95.7kg,15st)
CW 120lbs (54.431kg,8.571 st )
-91 lbs
Size 14, XL to size 2, xs
 Gaining strength, courage, confidence in every experience. Continuously doing the things you think you cannot do to push yourself further to who you are meant to be and living your life. You are next leveling your own self and with that comes new energy and a new self love. Do you,  IFL fam. Start NEW.  Get those life gains. ❤️ ps went to my tiny hometown and knew absolutely everyone and not a single person recognized me until I started yappin 😂😂🤪
My journey:

16:8 exclusively ( started April 2019) No extended fasts. I purposefully made my journey as simple as possible, personally, for my long term lifestyle and didn’t want to have to rely on EF for results. My eating window is all over the place because of my schedule Lol I really do eat ALL the foods. The only thing I’ve eliminated from my diet is alcohol ( I’ve added a couple Dranks back in here and there. 1/2 shots only!!  ya girl is a hard lightweight) and morning coffee creamer. I don’t even drink it in my window anymore. I don’t have cheat meals because I don’t need them.

I make those calories work for me. My macros have always been high carb, moderate/high protein, lower fat because I know the way I realistically prefer to eat. I eat carbs and sugar, I love me some Coke Zero, EVERYDAY. I just eat in correct portions for me. I’ve upped my calories so I won’t lose anymore weight 2100 ish calories. when I lift I eat about 2500 calories on those days. I’m still kinda upping my calories even more because I am hella active at work. I never sit. I’m walking around everywhere and lifting things and basically running lol 😂.

While actively losing weight my calories were close to 1800 ish-1340 +700 additional calories for workout days ( 3-4 days a week) I used MyFitnessPal to keep track. Now I am at the point in my journey that I just wing it. I don’t track calories I just do my thang. Weight is going to fluctuate. It just does. For errrbody. Mine is constantly fluctuating but fasting is what makes me at peace with it. Not even worried. I’m pushing myself for the life I want. My future. I lift weights when I’m able to. These muscles have steel trap memory. Skin…….. most errrbody is curious about my skin. Or lack there of loose skin on my entire body. Fasting, IMO( in my opinion), is skin magic. It’s curing and natural health.  If there’s been one thing I was shocked about it was my bodies ability to bounce back after all the years of being obese.

Genetics, staying hydrated, moisturizer, lifting, certainly add to it but fasting and time are where it’s at. The longer I’ve stayed lean the better my skin gets. The lower body fat percentage the tighter my skin becomes. Find your path and what works for you and get those goals. All of them!!! Set your goals but don’t set a timeline. To me that’s the key to staying consistent and it helps, no pressure, just personal power.

You do not have to be perfect. We’re all human after all and IFL does not require perfection just actually doing it. You have to want it for yourself and then just do your thang. Stay the course, you owe yourself the determined effort. Remember that results will come, fasting is NOT “fast” but it is so worth it. YOU are worth it. Always were , always will be , and can totally do it too.

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