Wednesday, November 29, 2017

women lifting and carry her husband :

Full Body Workout Routine

The workout is simple. We cover pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting and carrying. The goal here is to use your entire body. This workout mimicks the real world in a controlled state. Focus on form and rep count.

If you cannot complete the reps with good form, lower your weight. If you complete the reps with plenty of "gas in the tank" increase your weight.

The goal here is to use your head and listen to your body to maximize results.

Enough of the jibberish... onward!

The full body workout routine :

Superset and repeat x 4

Weighted Push-up - 20reps, note: I put a 25lb plate on my back
DB Bench row - 12reps
Dead lift - 12reps
Goblet squat - 12reps
Walk w/ DB in one hand - 30sec
Shadowbox or jump rope - 60sec
Rest - 30sec
... Continued in section "Girl Lift and Carry Men"

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