Saturday, February 16, 2019

Best Lift and Carry - girl carrying man :

Best Lift and Carry - girl carrying man
Myth number 5) Muscle turns to fat when you stop training - I don't want that to happen to me!
Go back to our water and oil in a glass image. Is it possible to turn water into oil or visa versa? The answer of course is no (Unless you are Jesus - then you'd probably do the water into wine thing anyway.) The same is true of muscle and fat. They are biologically different and cannot turn into each other. However, it is possible to reduce fat stores and increase muscle mass thus giving the appearance of one turning into the other. Because muscle is biologically active, it needs energy (calories from food) to sustain it.

However, if our subject stops exercising for an extended period without reducing their calorific (food) intake, their muscles will shrink (correctly termed atrophy) and their fat stores will grow (hypertrophy) again giving the impression of one turning into the other. The easiest was to avoid this happening is to a) don't stop training and b) if you do have to stop training for an extended period e.g. illness or vacation, try to reduce your food intake so that the excess energy that would usually be used up by your exercise wont be stored as fat...

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