Saturday, May 25, 2019

Is Bodybuilding Wrong For Young Women? (Part 2)

Is Bodybuilding Wrong For Young Women? (Part 2) :
Women don't look as feminine when they are muscled. This being a matter of perception, it's difficult to contradict. It's each to their own I'm afraid, but I think that people are getting it wrong. They're watching female bodybuilding competitions and thinking, 'oo they look strange with all those muscles and fake tan'. Well the thing is, that's not how they normally look. That's for the show, the competition. On the whole women are a certain shape. Big hips, narrow waist. No amount of natural bodybuilding is going to destroy that. There's no rule that says women have to be fat to be attractive and gaining muscle reduces fat. In fact, swapping your fat for muscle will increase the average person's attractiveness levels, male or female. The difference is, for ladies, exchanging useless and unhealthy fat for muscle, replaces curves for curves, but the muscley curves are much more firm.

Ok, the reality is...Women don't bulk up like men. In fact, most men don't even bulk up like that. If you're thinking of an over-steroided tank here, that's not what's gonna happen. With a great deal less testosterone in their systems, women will hardly bulk up at all. Cutting (dropping fat and adding muscle) will more than likely reduce your size, making you more hard bodied, healthier and more attractive. It's true that muscle is heavy, but putting on a couple of pounds of muscle is a good thing in anyone's book.

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