Friday, April 17, 2020

Weight loss, help as many people as possible!

Weight loss, help as many people as possible!
My name is Ashley, 36 mom of 3 beautiful girlies and 18 months ago I got sober because I would have died one way or another if I went on any longer. Shortly after getting sober I decided to join Planet Fitness so I could get back to my athletic roots and my anxiety was through the roof.

The Planet Fitness I joined had not opened yet so I was told I needed to go to one in an area of the cities I would have never gone to but since I already signed up and needed to do something being very overweight and unhappy I went. Shortly after I starting working out there, I approached the trainer (which is way out of character) and he ended up being in recovery too and almost all the staff! Who are now my support and best of friends. So by Gods grace, he not only made me strong enough to get sober, but he literally brought me where I needed to be to survive and stay on my path.

So to make a long story longer, after training together for months (and staying sober!), I lost almost 80 pounds and my trainer and I decided that the Twin Cities (Saint Paul) needed a gym completely addiction recovery focused. Offering training, nutrition, meetings, activities, assessments, recovery specialists - the whole thing!

We have worked months and months and we have everything completed and have been in front of Senators and Representatives and our dream is almost a reality (!!!) to help people just like us find a support system and get healthy and stay sober. All the things that saved our lives. Give our gift back to those who are struggling because addiction is not a one size fit all and it is HARD!

So I am not asking for money, clients or anything of the sorts. Just wondering if you would mind following us on Instagram. We are trying to get exposure so we can help as many people as possible! My trainer is amazing an we offer exercises and tips (we have a lot of non recovery followers too) and motivational posts. And please share with anyone that needs help with their sobriety!

Thank you to anyone who follows (we will follow back!) I want to flood our instagram with badass strong women like yourselves!!!! Thanks for reading - I know it was long and have a great day!!

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