Sunday, January 5, 2020

Obsession Gives Bodybuilding and Fitness a Bad Name : 1. I want big muscles!

1. I want big muscles! :

Teenage boys want big muscles to avoid being bullied in school. Teenage is also a period when boys want to impress the opposite sex with any means possible. Big muscles are definitely the "it" thing that will make girls heads turn and make our teenage boys more popular. At least that's what motivated our boys to want big muscles.

The problem is, no matter how teenage boys try, they will never achieve the perfectly sculpted body unless they have the proper workout and nutritional plan. Genetics play a very important role too. Male models that graze the cover of magazines are almost perfect specimens of the male species. They have low body fat percentage and working out make them appear ripped and defined. The average male does not have the privilege so sometimes they turn to steroids. In a way, this makes bodybuilding seem like a negative influence on teenagers; they make teenage boys abuse drugs to get big muscles.

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