Sunday, January 5, 2020

Weight loss, I figured I would just share a little bit of what has helped me! :

Weight loss, I figured I would just share a little bit of what has helped me!
I'm sure there are a lot of people who either are new to WW or recommiting this year, and I figured I would just share a little bit of what has helped me! I am down 75 lbs & a lifetime member and I did it all with WW. (I dont work out but I do have 2 kids that keep me busy)

First, if you can, weigh all the things. I was shocked at how off my portions were. Both good and bad. I was robbing myself of certain things, and also overeating certain things. It may seem tedious at first, but when you get the hang of it it truly helps so much. To me a few extra minutes spent in the kitchen to ensure accuracy and results has been worth it. I also use my weeklies every single week and have since the beginning so I feel like weighing things helps. If you dont use your weeklies you can keep them as an insurance policy basically and dont have to stress weighing every single thing.

Also one of the biggest thing that has helped me this time (I had done WW in 2016 and quit after 2 months and gained all my weight back/. This time I joined in June 2018 and hit goal by July 2019.) was to try your hardest to switch your mentaliy. Clearly the mental part is the hardest for all of us, but adjust the mind set to "Wow I was able to eat poatoes, drink wine, go out to dinner AND still lose .8 lbs" insted of "What is the point of doing all this work and sacraficing dessert etc to only lose.8" I promise you all of those small loses pile up to big results. You just have to give it time to.

Also remember bodies are weird. Youre going to have unexplained gains, youre also going to have losse that you dont neccesarily feel you "deserved" but over the long haul it all evens out.

Try and be prepared. I dont meal prep or anything like that ( I want to its just not my thing at the moment) But I always have low point, healthier options on me. If I'm going to a BBQ I have no problem bringing a little cooler of healthier options and asking them to throw it on the grill for me. If I go to a restaurant I bring my own bun/salad dressing (Not always but if I can). I'm not obsessive about it and there are plenty of times I induldge but on a daily basis I try to make small changes like that so I can enjoy all the other things that may be offered.

And most importanly, is just dont quit. I've had to put a pause on my tracking here and there, ive given myself a mental break but knew that I was not quitting, I've had my days where I cant stop eating and dont care, but the next day try to remember all of the reasons I started. Not one person who has seen success has been "perfect". We've all had moments of I can't do this, or overate, or laid up at night with guilt from knowing you arent on track. But if you just know youre not going to give up all together you'll be just fine.

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