Sunday, April 25, 2021

Weight Training for Women: Benefits and Common Misconceptions :

I cringe every time I'm consulting a potential female client and they tell me that their main fitness goal is to "tone up." The reason for this reaction on my part is because I know how the scenario is going to play out. First, I'll tell her that in order to "tone her body," she will have to add some weight lifting to any cardio routine she's currently doing. At this point, the next question from my prospective client is "But won't that make me bigger? I don't want to be bulky like those women in the bodybuilding magazines." If only it were that easy.

After explaining to them the benefits of resistance training, and also dispelling some of the common myths in regards to women and weight training, they usually see things my way and are ready to get started with a resistance training routine. It's really not their fault that they have these beliefs. These myths have been around for a long time and are propagated all the time through magazines, infomercials, and probably even their friends and family. So let's put to rest some of those myths now.

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