Friday, April 17, 2020

Shirin Nobahari, the most muscular woman, Biography :

Shirin Nobahari, the most muscular woman, Biography
Do bodybuilding and show your muscles when you are a woman in a country where Islamic law reigns, is it possible?

Shirin Nobahari was only 14 years old when she first came to a gymnasium.

Passionate about sport, she studied architecture and began training alone, through videos and bodybuilding magazines.

after having been recognized as the only female bodybuilder in Iran, she suffered taunts and criticism and even threats from detractors from her country, which is not open to this female sporting practice.

However, she is now a female bodybuilding trainer herself.

By seeing a little more broadly, one can see in this person the insatiable desire for openness of a part of the female population of Iran, who - although being of Muslim religion -, no longer wishes to hide under the Islamic veil in public places, and the fight of a country where women want to be treated like men.

The action of Shirin Nobahari is, in this sense, less sport than militancy to promote female sport in Iran, so that there is more infrastructure, physical trainers and so that only women practicing this sport be rejected.

It will therefore be understood, women are not outdone when it comes to advocating bodybuilding, abs and flexions by repetitions. Indeed, through different figures of bodybuilding and bodybuilding across the planets, the female symbols are here full of beautiful values ​​to be shared without moderation!

Besides these values, these people can embody a model to follow during sports coaching lessons with Superprof: not to look like a bodybuilder of great renown such as Robin Coleman or Iris Kyle, but to have complete muscle development!

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