Monday, December 28, 2020

Building Massive Biceps : Lessons from SEO's

Building Massive Biceps : Lessons from SEO's

For the uninitiated, Site Enhancement Oils (SEO's) are, as the name suggests, oils that hardcore bodybuilders inject to "enhance" their muscles ie make them larger or shapelier. SEO's contain no active ingredient - such as a hormone - to develop the site into which they are injected. Instead, the muscle is physically stretched outward by the large volume of oil that accumulates inside the muscle.

The procedure is reportedly as painful as it sounds. Aside from the high frequency of injections and the chronic inflammation, the fascial sheath of the muscle is constantly being stretched. Its like having priapism (an erection that won't go down for days or weeks) in your biceps: it sounds great but the reality is sheer agony!

The fascinating result of SEO use is that as the oil is metabolised, the space it once occupied is replaced with real muscle tissue. So six months to a year after a course of SEOs there is (hopefully) no remaining oil encapsulated within the muscle but just a whole lot of real, permanent, new muscle tissue. And no failed drug tests.

But the even more fascinating side effect of this SEO 'growth' is rapid and staggeringly large strength gains within the injected muscle - further proof of the relationship between muscle mass and strength.

While many biochemical processes lead to the accumulation of new muscle tissue in response to SEO's, the primary catalyst is the fascial stretch. The lesson learnt is: create room for new muscle tissue by aggressively stretching the fascia and new muscle will result.

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